Ray of Light Fitness, LLC
  340 Aviation Road, Queensbury
  Jennifer Islas, Owner
Since opening in May 2011, Ray of Light Fitness has been committed to offering a diversity of classes that appeals to all fitness levels. 
A great time to join us is the beginning of the month, when we tend to introduce new songs and routines.   But there is no reason to wait - we love new participants, and welcome you to any of our classes at any time!   

Schedule is subject to change.  Please call with questions.  

Monday, July 27
7:45 AM PiYo Live with Melody
9:00 AM     Zumba & Toning with Jennifer
5:00 PM Muscle Burn Intervals with Jennifer (25 mins)
5:30 PM Zumba with Jennifer
6:45 PM Line Dancing with Jeff (2 hours)

Tuesday, July 28
8:15 AM Muscle Burn Intervals with Jennifer (30 mins)
9:00 AM       Zumba Gold with Jennifer (low impact class)
5:15 PM         Yoga with Jane 
7:15 PM Zumba & Toning with Jennifer   *summer time change*

Wednesday, July 29
6:00 AM PiYo Live with Lisa  (cancelled 7/29)
9:00 AM Zumba with Alana 
4:30 PM PiYo Live with Melody 
6:00 PM Gentle Touch Yoga with Jane
7:30 PM        Zumba with Alana  

Thursday, July 30
10:00 AM     Tai Chi with Mark T  
11:15 AM Beginner Tai Chi with Mark T
6:00 PM
Turbo Kick with Lisa   
7:15 PM       Zumba with Jennifer   *summer time change*

Friday, July 31
9:00 AM Zumba & Toning with Jennifer

Saturday, August 1

8:30 AM Zumba & Toning with Jennifer

New Classes: 
Saturday August 8, 9:45 AM - Beginner Bellydance with Rivka (4 week session, $40)

New Participants
New students are always welcome, even mid-session.  You do not need prior dance experience to take a class. 
Please come join our fun, effective, non-judgemental fitness party!
Important - You must consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for you.

Private group classes available by request.

Birthday parties with Zumba or Line Dancing and Trick Roping are also available for booking!  

The Studio
Tile, carpet, concrete and foam can be rough on your joints.  At Ray of Light Fitness Studio
, our Impactflex Tile Flex flooring provides a cushioned surface that absorbs shock to reduce stress on joints, and fight fatigue.  Our flooring was designed specifically for group fitness classes.  Please bring an extra pair of sneakers for class.  Dirt, water and pebbles are hazards, and we want our new floor to last. 

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